Hill Tuning Masters

Hill Tuning Masters

Fellow Racers!

A new era of climb racing mountain Race has begun! Imagine a racing scene where the road is deformed by your driving style. It sounds cool, doesn't it? Hill Tuning Masters offers you a new climb racing experience!

y Jump in to your racing vehicle. Race to the finish as fast as possible. Collect bonus coins and stars. Open gift boxes! Upgrade parts of your racing vehicle and helping features. Face the hills getting harder and harder.

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Detailed Description

    Main Features:
  • 11 different game modes (+5 will come by upcoming upgrade)
  • The road is deformed DYNAMICALLY by your driving style as the race goes!
  • TYRE DEFORMATION for better hill climb experience.
  • Deformed parts of the road are reacted to the next and upcoming racing events.
  • A huge selection of upgradeable parts which affect behavior of your racing vehicle positively.
  • 4 unique upgradeable features which help you to make your racing carrier easier.
  • Unique leveling system gives you 70+ varied levels which linked partly to each other.
  • Free Mystery Box feature gives the possibility to win a huge amount of coins and stars.
  • A variety of upgradeable parts grands you a unique hill climb racing experience.

    Upgradeable Features:
  • Engine: more horsepower, faster racing car
  • Suspension: less bounce, better grip
  • Turbo: more horsepower, better performance
  • Wheel: better grip, shorter braking distance
  • Brake: better brake effect, shorter stopping distance
  • Gas Station: bigger tank of gas station, more loadable fuel
  • Nitro: increase activation time of your nitro
  • Body: tougher body, sustain more damage
  • Chiptuning: better electrical control, more horsepower
  • Fuel Tube: thicker fuel tube, faster refueling
  • Drivetrain: better driving stability and handling
  • Fuel Tank: bigger fuel tank, more fuel
  • Pressure: better grip, better performance
  • Wing: better grip, better performance

    Special Upgradeable Features:
  • Magnet: wider magnetize effect, can take farther coins and stars
  • Bulldozer: decrease reactivation time, correct bumps on the road
  • Star Booster: increase collectible stars on the road
  • Coin Booster: increase collectible coins on the road

    Game Modes:
  • Hill Climb: race to the finish against the time
  • Fuel Can: race to the finish with a can of fuel
  • Trap: avoid mines and race to the finish
  • Push: push the golf car to the finish without too much damage
  • Ball: hit the balls to the finish as soon as possible
  • Vulcan: avoid meteors and race to the finish
  • Trailer: tow the trailer to the finish without leave all of the boxes
  • Balloon: find 3 air balloons and get to the finish as fast as possible
  • Trunk: avoid logs and get to the finish as fast as possible
  • Golf Ball: avoid golf balls and get to the finish as fast as possible
  • Rocket: avoid rockets and get to the finish as fast as possible

  • You have a limited number of nitro. Use it wisely!
  • Bulldozer helps you to fix bad road bumps
  • Don't push the gas pedal to the metal all the time!
  • Use Triple Score possibility at Level Completed screen