Privacy Policy

Magic Pixel is committed to not collecting personally identifiable or sensitive information about you. We do not ask for your full name, email address, phone number or other personally identifiable as part of gameplay. The application does collect some non-sensitive, anonymous data as outlined below:

Data collected for Advertising (iOS / Android)
Ad companies may use and collect anonymous data about your interests to customize content and advertising here and in other sites and applications. Interest and location data may be linked to your device, but is not linked to your identity.

Data collected for Online Leaderboards

  • Google Play Token (for authentication)
  • Google Play Account Identifier
  • Nickname
    PlayStation 4
  • Playstation Token (for authentication)
  • Playstation Account Identifier
  • Nickname
    Nintendo Switch
  • Nintendo Token (for authentication)
  • Nintendo Account Identifier
  • Nickname
    Microsoft Xbox One
  • XSTS Token (for authentication)
  • Microsoft Account Identifier
  • Nickname

Why collect data?
By collecting data on app usage and about your device and Generic geographic location, such as the city you are located in, we are better able to integrate updates, implement device specific testing, explore localisation opportunities and make better games that are tailored to our user's needs.

When we offer our games as free-to-play, we still require the game to generate income to help fund development costs and efforts to make the best game possible. Advertising is one way we can help cover our costs, and in order to implement relevant advertising a certain amount of non-sensitive information is required by each ad network.

If the User gives us such personal data as username or e-mail address, the user acknowledges processing of those data by us.

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us at